Masatoshi Kato (加藤雅俊)
Professor, School of Economics / Director, Research Center for Entrepreneurship (RECENT), Kwansei Gakuin University

What's New?
  • Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Kwansei Gakuin University (where I am a director) has started joint research on "Economic Analysis of the Financing and Growth of Japanese Start-ups" with for Startups, Inc (March 26, 2020). 私がセンター長を務める関西学院大学アントレプレナーシップ研究センターはフォースタートアップス株式会社との間で「日本のスタートアップ企業の資金調達と成長に関する経済分析」に関する共同研究を開始しました.詳しくは同社によるプレスリリースをご参照ください(2020年3月26日).
  • Our paper (with A. Coad) entitled ``Growth paths and routes to exit: ‘Shadow of Death’ effects for new firms in Japan'' has been accepted for publication in Small Business Economics (March 6, 2020). 共同論文 (A. Coadと共著) 「成長経路と退出形態―日本における新規企業の『死の影』効果―」がSmall Business Economics誌への掲載について採択されました (2020年3月6日).

Fields of specialization

Empirical studies on (以下のテーマの実証研究):

    Industrial Organization 産業組織
    Innovation イノベーション
    Entrepreneurship アントレプレナーシップ

My current research themes are as follows (最近の研究テーマ):

- The role of founders' human capital in the innovation activities of start-up firms (創業者の人的資本とイノベーション)
- Intellectual property (e.g., patents, trademarks) and post-entry performance (知的財産と参入後パフォーマンス)
- Determinants of firms' exit routes (企業の様々な方法による退出の決定要因)
- Geography of patents and trademarks (特許と商標の地理的分布)
- Family involvement and innovation behaviors in start-up firms (スタートアップにおける家族の関わりとイノベーション行動)
- CEO succession and new-firm performance (経営者交代とスタートアップ・パフォーマンス)

Selected publications

- Growth Paths and Routes to Exit: ‘Shadow of Death’ Effects for New Firms in Japan, Small Business Economics, forthcoming. (with Alex Coad)

- Numerical Labor Flexibility and Innovation Outcomes of Start-up Firms: A Panel Data Analysis, Technovation, Vol. 69, 15-27, January 2018. (with Haibo Zhou)

- Does New Entry Drive Out Incumbents? The Varying Roles of Establishment Size Across Sectors, Small Business Economics, Vol 46, 57-78, January 2016. (with Keiko Ito)

- R&D Investment of Start-up Firms: Does Founders' Human Capital Matter? Small Business Economics, 42, 207-220, February 2014. (with Hiroyuki Okamuro and Yuji Honjo)

- Development of University Life-Science Programs and University-Industry Joint Research in Japan, Research Policy, 41, 939-952, June 2012. (with Hiroyuki Odagiri)

- Determinants of R&D Cooperation in Japanese Start-ups, Research Policy, 40, 728-738, June 2011. (with Hiroyuki Okamuro and Yuji Honjo)

- The Persistence of Market Leadership: Evidence from Japan, Industrial and Corporate Change, 18, 1107-1133, December 2009. (with Yuji Honjo)

- See the page of "Research" and also Google scholar citation and Repec for a list of publications and working papers.

- その他の出版物については,Researchのページをご覧ください.


Academic membership
  • 日本経済学会 Japanese Economic Association
  • 日本中小企業学会 Japan Academy of Small Business Studies
  • 企業家研究フォーラム Forum for Entrepreneurial Studies
  • International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society
  • International Council for Small Business

Contact address
1-155 Uegahara Ichiban-cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-8501, Japan
School of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University

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